Sunday - 10:30am

The Sunday service usually starts with chanting praises to the Triple Gem (Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha) in the Pali language. We then have a guided meditation for around 20-30 minutes, followed by taking refuge and precepts, and concluding with a food offering to the monks. Afterwards, we share lunch together. You can speak with the monks after lunch if you wish.

First Sunday of the Month

In the morning, the service takes place as usual on Sunday. After lunch, we offer new robes to the monks in a ceremony, followed by a Dhamma talk (in Thai – English transcript may be available) and then a long meditation session, which is done at the same time as the headquarters in Thailand and observed around the world.

Friday Meditation

The Friday meditation takes place in the Prayer and Meditation Room at the University of Otago (upstairs in the Union Building). During the summer, it is held in a different room (check the Facebook page). A Buddhist monk will lead a group meditation and afterwards there is a discussion time to share meditation experiences and ask questions.


We hold services in the evening for major Buddhist festivals including Vesak and Magha Puja. Check the Facebook page for details

Here is a preview of a Sunday service: